Network Status Monitor Agent

Manage your logon/Logoff scripts by VPN Connection State

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Fed up getting Calls to your IT Support relating to Logon Scripts!

Eliminate unnecessary calls to your Help Desk relating to user Logon Scripts not executing… sound familiar!

Let the Network Status Monitor Agent take this unneccessary burden from your help desk. This small footprint monitor agent will monitor your VPN connection state and execute a script depending on wether or not your VPN is connected or has been disconnected.

Easy Setup…


  1. Download the Agent
  2. Select the connection you want to monitor
  3. Select the path to the Logon scripts
  4. Copy the Scripts to the Scripts path
  5. Set the Agent to Autostart on Startup
  6. Restart

Monitors your Connection State

On or Off

NSMA_Main_Notification_Tray_Red  NSMA_Main_Notification_Tray_Green


UnIntrusive but Informative

This little Agent sits quietly in your System tray

NSMA_Main_Notification_Tray_Red  NSMA_Main_Notification_Tray_Green

The Agent displays Red when a connection is not connected and will display Green when connected.

We have Lift Off

Script gets executed when a monitored connection has been established

We have Landed

logoff script is execute when disconnected

Eliminate Uneccessary Calls to your Help Desk

free up your engineers valuable time

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